Can i change my order?

We're first class people pleasers but we can't make any changes to an order once it's been placed. So before you hit the big 'pay now' button just double check what's in your cart and that you're 100% happy with your choice. We might be biased, but we're pretty sure you can't go wrong. Top tip: Don't forget to check if it's single or three layer! 

how quickly can i get my mask?

Masks will be despatched from our facility within 5 days of an order being placed (Mon - Friday inclusive).  If we can get through them more quickly, we will. All deliveries will be sent via Australia Post. Upon despatch from our facility, you will receive an email with an Australia Post tracking number. Delivery time will be dependent on Australia Post's commitment to delivery to your area.  

can i collect my order?

We'd usually love nothing more than to see a friendly face but in order to protect our staff and the wider community, we are unable to allow collections. All masks orders must be placed through the website and will be sent via Australia Post.

How can I track my order?

Upon despatch of your order from our facility in Carrum Downs, Victoria, you will receive an email with tracking details.   

can i mix and match the packs?

Unfortunately we can't separate the packs. The masks can only be sold in packs of 2 x triple layer, 3 x skiffs or 4 x single layer tie masks as they appear on our website. 

what's your return policy?

In the returns world, face masks are basically the swimwear of 2020. So no, we can't accept returns for all the obvious hygiene reasons. So please choose wisely.

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver internationally. Delivery charges are a flat $10 to anywhere in Australia. International delivery is $30.

What are the masks made of?

We offer 3 types of fabric face masks:  Single layer fabric with ties, 3 layer fabric face masks with elastic loops and a fabric tube called a skiff. Single layer masks are available in all designs. Three layer masks are available in the 50 shades, monochrome and colour splash.

Single layer masks are made of high grade, woven, 200gsm fabric which is hard-wearing and machine washable. They are fastened into place using fabric ties that fasten behind the head.

3 layer masks are made of 2 outer layers of 220gsm woven polyester fabric with a central layer of spun bond polypropylene. The masks are machine washable. They are fastened into place using elastic loops that are placed over the ears.

Skiffs are made of single layer, 230gsm stretch polyester. They are a simple fabric tube, unhemmed at each edge to allow for stretch. This can result in curling over time.

Are the masks medical grade?

No. Supplies of medical grade masks are precious and we want to leave those to our awesome health workers who need them most. These are designed for the everyday Aussies to offer that extra bit of protection and peace of mind when heading out.

Will the mask stop me getting sick?

The WHO is currently looking into all the evidence and research surrounding face masks. In this current climate, if there’s a chance it could help slow the spread then we’re in.

How do I put the single layer mask on and off?

Before putting on the mask, wash or clean your hands.

Step 1: Place the loop of the mask over your head with the underside of the print facing outwards.

Step 2:  Slide the fabric mask up until it is sitting under your chin

Step 3:  Scrunch the fabric mask up on both sides of the straps

Step 4: Place the straps over your ears and in doing so, flip the mask over onto your mouth and nose

Step 5: Tie the straps in the middle of your head, or wherever is comfortable.

Step 6: Adjust as needed.

Remove the mask by untying the straps, sliding the mask down and taking the fabric loop over your head. Again avoiding touching the front of the mask. Wash the mask after each use.  

See a demo.

how can i get a better fit of my mask?

Wearing a mask isn't the most comfortable or natural of experiences - we understand. The key to getting a good fit with our single layer, tie masks is getting a really good scrunch on the sides of the mask that sit against the side of your cheeks. It might take a little while initially to figure out the best fit for you. 

Follow this guide to help with fitting your mask 

Do the masks come in different sizes?

One size fits all with our single layer fabric tie masks. Each mask features adjustable straps that can be tied and tightened to your desired fit. Masks are not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Triple layer masks feature elastic loops which are placed over the ears. They are one size and fit most.

Skiffs are one size and fit most. 

How do you wash the masks?

The masks are made from high grade, woven polyester fabric which is machine washable. We recommend you wash masks before use on a 40 degree wash. Packs can be washed together, even if different colours. If you have a delicates bag to wash them in, then this is advisable. We also recommend tying a knot in the end of each of the ties to help prevent fraying from general wear and tear.

Can you create custom designs?

Absolutely - we can create custom designs for orders over 50. Please contact to arrange a quote.